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PFLAG provides the opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity. Time and place posted with events. Pride Winston-Salem Pride Winston-Salem's mission is to celebrate culture, honor diversity, inspire engagement, promote inclusion, provide community outreach, and educate friends, allies, and supporters on equal rights for all. NC Transgender Unity Coalition of local transgender advocacy and support organizations.

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There is certainly no single Truth in oral history or life, but rather a multitude a narratives from individuals based on personal experience. We will share the interviews, and allow you to decide. Layla Quran: I look forward to exploring how figures of authority-including city council members, professors, and university administration both those identifying as LGBTQ and not fit into the emerging sexual revolution at UNC, integrated into the gay community, and challenged opposing forces at the time.

I am curious as to how these individuals, commonly thrust into the limelight, understood their identities as both gay and powerful in the city or state of North Carolina as a whole. Our interviewees will give us a yardstick for how far we have come on issues of sexuality and sexual health, as well as shed light on the roots of our contemporary quandaries — and have some really good stories to boot! I think people have a tendency to forget how much progress the LGBTQ movement has made in a relatively short time compared to other marginalized groups.

She has been involved with COLAGE for the last 15 years as a youth participant, Family Week volunteer facilitator, and Chapter Leader for Greater Boston Chapter and is passionate about creating strong intergenerational bonds between queer folks. The intersectional feminist education she received at State University of New York as a first-generation college student cemented her dedication to working with others to elevate voices of those within her community.

He and his partner, Chipp are the proud parents of two sets of twins. He has been active on various boards and has previously been a board member of SMART Team, a nonprofit organization created and directed by Jeff that provides social services to young people impacted by the juvenile courts, trauma and homelessness, many of whom are part of the LGBTQ community. She is additionally a fellow at Young People for the American Way — an organization which specializes in conducting research, legal work, education, and advocacy for a wide variety of liberal causes- where she has worked on projects relating to reproductive, racial and LGBTQ justice.

His passion and experience aid in achieving breakthrough results in communications, fundraising, strategic planning, and leadership development.

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Charles is a trained educator and NYC native who attended Hunter College as an undergraduate and Fordham University for graduate studies in education administration. She is a CPA with over 30 years of accounting experience in both the public and private sectors. Penny has also been a full time Assistant Professor of Accounting at a local community college. Prior to becoming an accountant, she worked in the Human Services field. They are now volunteers at Family Week. Penny lives in Connecticut with her wife and children. A skilled organizer and strategist, he is supporting our state-led effort to make paid sick days, paid family leave, and other family friendly labor policies a reality for all working families across the country.

Ever since, Jordan has endeavored to work in and on behalf of intersectional spaces that uplift youth, queer communities and people of color. Michelle is a dynamic leader with over two decades of experience in nonprofit management, program design and coalition building. Michelle supports COLAGE and its critical role in building leadership, family and community with love, humor, compassion and fierce dedication to equity.

In his role, he assists in leading the development and execution of Lambda Legal fundraising events in all national markets.

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In his tenure, Adrian has co-produced art, cultural, and special events across four organizations in the LGBT movement. Adrian began his career in events at Dartmouth College and Brown University.

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She became a volunteer Family Week staff member as soon as she could and was also an intern twice. She is hoping to pursue a career as a social worker and workplace equity trainer but is currently working as a cookie baker and gardener as well as in her administrative role with COLAGE.

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She graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta. Her interest in event planning started in Las Vegas, where she began in corporate event production. Later, she continued west, proving her leadership and project management skills in her professional and personal pursuits. As a queer woman of color, she feels passionate about lending her support and time to organizations whose values are aligned with her own.

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  7. The Fall’13 Internship Project: the Carolina Gay Association and the sexual revolution at UNC.